We begin our process by assessing the property in a site survey; this will give us an idea of how to prepare for the job.  We can also accept a preliminary site description over the phone to gain a concept of what the project will look like.  We then use this information to finalize a quote for your project.  

Our projects are typically priced based on how many stumps are being grinded, how large each stump is, and the scope of work surrounding the project (obstructions/obstacles).  Our machine is versatile and can squeeze into spaces as small as 36" wide, which allows us to reach those hard-to-get stumps.  The traction and 4x4 capabilities of the machine also enable us to reach spaces that other stump grinders cannot fit.


Got an uprooted tree? We got you covered.  Don't let that annoying uprooted tree from that storm a few months back sit in your yard forever.  Getting this removed may be cheaper then you think. We specialize in getting rid of these obstructive and invasive trees that take up precious real estate in your yard. Just give us a call today to find out how much it will cost to remove your uprooted tree(s)!

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Just had Dave stumpectomize 3 stumps from my backyard. One was an uprooted really ugly one. He performed the stumpectomization no problem! Very reasonable pricing, was in and out in just a few hours. Thanks Dave!

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Dave - thank you for your amazing & speedy service today! Gave you a shout out on 'Middleboro Helping Middleboro'. Hope to work with you again in the future & will refer you every time!

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